Still for sale. Akrapovic exhaust 250 posted


Still for sale. Akrapovic exhaust £250 posted

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  • People don't want quality mate they would rather buy junk then complain when it falls off

    I really can't see how you haven't sold this yet £250 for a pretty much new titanium system

  • What a. Bargain!

  • If it doesn't sell I'm gonna get the race guys to chop it up and make a big bore akra ;)

  • Payday tomorrow if this hasn't gone by then I'll have it Ian :)

  • Nice! Is it insanely loud?

  • Is with the 4v kit

  • I love mine Ive got baffle in but cut down a bit and it's perfect sound

  • Going to a nutter

  • Wish I didn't have other priorities

  • Buy it just so you can add it to your other exhausts

  • Your not a true grom rider unless you have at least 3 mortgages

  • Aaron Rhys Jenkins life is grom more like. Who the fuck needs a house,family and any other possessions when you have a grom

  • Anyone wanna buy my kids? I'll take some pro tapers and a tail tidy for them?

  • Aaron Rhys Jenkins do they have any talents because I might throw in a set of vee rubbers aswell

  • Ermmmm... Talents, hmmm, they get stuff when asked? I guess that's a talent, or slavery? Same thing right, I'll throw in my wife for a stunt cage and 12bar

  • is she tasty

  • I love the brand, but prefer low mount.

  • They do t do them in low mount

  • No

  • Aaron Rhys Jenkins deal

  • Dex Allen hahahahah ffs Dex only you

  • Sold sold sold!!!!

  • Who to

  • Secret

  • Joe won't let me tag him

  • So when do we swap? Quicker the better

  • Oh I know

  • I'll have the misses if he declines. I can swap a really good high five for her if that's okag

  • Just fakes

  • I'm very tempted by your offer

  • i would be too. damn good high five

  • At the side? Down below? Too slow

  • If you throw in a pot noodle it's a deal