Still getting little burps at high rpm Leaned my mixture out some Might try...


Still getting little burps at high rpm. Leaned my mixture out some. Might try adjusting the needle down next. Took some audio on my ride but can't figure out how to post it... pic of plug in comments. Looks rich on idle and lean at top end? Seems like I'd get opposite affect...

%d comments
  • They are. Checked my wires and the ground. I have some 8es plugs at home I'll try.

  • I have ngk wires and caps

  • Are the 8es , b or br?

  • I don't recall.

  • What's the difference?

  • Nevermind. Would It matter if there's a resistor cap on a resistor plug?

  • The b has very little resistance, the br has a high resistance. The Honda manual calls for "b" but the "br" seem to trigger better. I'm running a resisted cap with br plugs.

  • The resistance factors has to do with the amount of "noise" flying back to your coils causing dwell issue.

  • You might need more resistance in your case, you may need less