• still looking for a right side badge anyone have one

    still looking for a right side badge, anyone have one.

    • need them to say Dream 250

    • You would not sell one of those badges for any money

    • The one on eBay should do I know it's not original

    • Beautiful tank ! I'm looking for a petcock just like that one !

    • Thanks Kevin, it was in a bit of a state when i got it, its the 61 tank which is a little different to later ones, i had to have it acid dipped to get it in to a good state..

    • It must have the crossover! Do you plan on utilizing the crossover? I have mine plugged up, as I do not have the correct petcock... It also makes tank removal much simpler!!!

    • kevin, yes it has the crossover, was toying with a quick release coupling for the crossover pipe, but still seems a bit on the tight side.

    • I have a double length crossover pipe to go over the frame when I re-install my tank but that little gadget looks like a godsend.