Stock set up. Second gear clutch up


Stock set up.. Second gear clutch up

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  • How the hell did u get it 2 lift in 2nd on standard gearing

  • 15 or so mph and give it a good ole tug!

  • Just don't flip it doing 40mph or above.. Bent forks, frame and bars, destroyed footpegs, exhaust, brake pedal, lever, tail tidy and plate, fender, every body panel on the right hand side and weirdly all indicators!

  • Savage

    I shall keep that in mind lol

  • She's all patched up now, new forks, frame bent back in to place, new bars n levers and the rest I'll live with for now!

  • How much it set u bck in the end?

  • I'm in for just over £500 now, no way I was writing it off!

  • Love the throttle chop

  • Squid city

  • You feel better for that warrior?

  • obviously! Until next time champ ❤️

  • Squid uncle

  • haha

  • Someone needs a holiday in the sun (sick pic tho!)

  • Got it booked

  • I just got my grom fixed at Costa fuckinfortune

  • Haha awesome

  • Gaz Ccfc Ansell

  • #squidlife