Stock Yuasa YTZ5S battery is dead looking for a reliable battery to replace...

Stock: Yuasa YTZ5S battery is dead! looking for a reliable battery to replace it. Anyone any recommendations? what batteries are you using??

  • Mines never let me down in over 2 years and 22,000 miles :/

  • Left over winter with no use or charging kills the battery off fast in 2 years mines only done 1695 miles and on it's second battery I've now got a charger & will make shore they are kept charged up .

  • Ahh i use mine daily so would be the reason maybe to use something that helps keep its charge

  • Mines just for sumer fun. So I need to charge it up every now & then (I brought a new charger list week. I don't wanta keep spending out on new batterys) & like you said With you riding everyday keeps the battery fully charged up.

  • Mine died two days after I bought my bike from Motoden, and I have to bump start it after 2 days sitting and Honda won't do a thing about it and it's still under warranty

  • Batteries aren't covered under warranty but after 2 days you would think they would definitely change it for you just out of courtesy I would definitely expect them to change it if it was my bike. Obviously they don't want you or see you as a valid customer.

  • What is it with grom riders having to get approval from a forum whenever they change something on their bike?

  • Mine is still OK after 3.5 years.

  • It makes them feel all warm inside Camron

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