Please, please, please keep an eye out for my ear plugs. They were stolen from inside my half helmet this evening inside the downtown San Jose parking garage, while we were eating dinner at a restaurant.

These ear plugs had been used approximately 4 times. May have very slight traces of ear wax/dirt on them, although I clean my ears daily. One was starting to lose its rebound capabilities. I know these are worth quite a bit, at least compared to my gloves and glasses which were left behind. If you see them, please let me know immediately, thank you. Picture of color/type below.

  • LOL really LMAO! someone has a fetish for used ear plugs lmao

  • Michelle Semeniuk, right? I could not believe it!!! And then I thought "eewww" and "creepy"!!!

  • Lol maybe they fell out or blow out from wind?

  • That is just too funny! I won't even start to think what is happening to you're earplugs. However, as a young Soldier on a Air Force transport, I saw a kid get handed a pair of earplugs from a large generic bag. He briefly examined the plugs and promptly popped them in his mouth. Hopefully, your plugs went the same way.

  • Someone actually has an ear plug fetish?!? Now I've heard everything!

  • Lmao

  • James Brown, nope they were down in my helmet inside an enclosed non-windy parking garage! I looked all over the floor, checked all my pockets, and they were gone. Thieved in the dim lights of a parking garage. Lord knows - maybe they wear them around here while cooking meth just in case of an explosion? Or a fetish like Michelle said!

  • Lmao