Swingarm for sale 15 pounds


Swingarm for sale 15 pounds

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  • Still available

  • Imagine how that would look mirror polished folks! c'mon a bargain as a winter job whilst you can still ride! I have bought Vee Vtrs from his garage sale so gonna start on that for a high mirror polish as already bought the gear needed.. :-)

  • Thanks for the vote of confidence Tracy, you must be in public relations :-)

  • Just talk a 'glass eye to sleep ' lol.. :p

  • Many hours of work ahead Tracy Mckie Peart.

  • Aye Jeff Mushty Whitham, I know, I have bought a sander, al lthe discs needed of different grades down to the 1000 and 1500 as well as the P400 and all the others.. Have a brand new compressor and bought Vee Vtrs old swing arm from his garage sale so plenty time to do it and Dave will do a brilliant job, I've no doubt. Spoke to James Jason Morrison about it and it's all sorted.. Cheers Jeff.. You done yours yet? got any photos?

  • My god James's is GLEAMING, you can actually see your face in it! swing arm frame and pegs etc.. all to be done.. :p

  • My swingarm was done ages ago. Needs a clean though. I've been doing work for other people.