Taking a pillion on my commute tomorrow. should be er. interesting

Taking a pillion on my commute tomorrow.. should be er.. interesting!

  • I feel like I have one ever day ! My back pack is huge haha

  • It'll be fine, taken passengers my size 15stone

  • I do it all the time the the set that suspension set up

  • I will also be carrying an almax chain in my rucksack! Well, my pillion will be. :D

  • Take my girlfriend on the back all the time in the summer tighten the takegawa shock a bit and its perfect :)

  • Wahey!!!

  • Not so easy with a top box, but otherwise easy, perhaps a little more so with a 181 as it's still get plenty of pull.

  • Who's the lucky passenger?! At least you will have more ballast with two of you in this wind.

  • Same here with all the beer I cram into it!

  • This is how I'm going to feel! pmsl

  • My wife's cousin. At least he's skinny

  • How was the pillion ride? Still filtering like a demon or did you take it easy on the passenger?!

  • Still filtering at times but not as much. He hated it though and said never again! Hahaha.

  • Ahhh no way!