Taller bars or bar risers on an SF has anyone done it Does it need longer...

Taller bars or bar risers on an SF, has anyone done it? Does it need longer control cables?

  • How tall are the bars your after? Mate fitted renthals the other day but just had to re route the clutch cable to get more length and all spot on now, hopefully i get my pro tapers today and its a simple fix.

  • I have the protaper klx 110 bars on mine. At full lock it stretches the clutch cable slightly but not enough to bother it. Can easily re route it though. Just never bothered.

  • And I can't remember if they are taller or not but they look better and feel better than stock. Haha

  • Your throttle grip is simply awesome

  • I've fitted xr50s to mine and a longer cable

  • Hahaha I was hoping nobody would notice that

  • My controls and shit didn't fit on the xr50 bars

  • I was using stock cable and xr50 it use to stretch when turning I could of re routed it but had a longer cable lying around

  • not sure at this point, I was just going to try 15-25mm bar risers at first to see how they sit, stock bars are too low for standing on the pegs while riding offroad haha

  • the reflection in the mirror too

  • Didn't want to go aftermarket bars just yet because they're all wider than the stock bars and I like how narrow the stock bars are for filtering.

  • Haha that one I was hoping someone would notice

  • You can cut bars down also aslong as you leave enough for controls and grips etc or buy pitbike bars.

  • I fitted Renthals last week and just disconnected the clutch and routed it through the top yoke and under the tank!.. these bars are seriously wide too but everything else fits fine!..