• Tami Glover shared a link to the group: Honda Shadow Aero.

    Is Donald Williams here? I wanna ask a question about the Champion Bag Guards and your duals, as shown in the video you posted to YouTube!

    Or, if anyone else has this set up, I can ask you :-)

    • Brian Becker, he has the Champion Bag Guards....and what I think he did here is used the complete V&H Ace Tourer pipes, including the mufflers, but rotated the mufflers so the mount points are to the inside, instead of on top. They are technically supposed to be on the top side and attach to the underside of the hard bags.

    • Very well designed! Smart looking bike

    • I noticed the weep holes in the outside of his mufflers......so pretty sure he rotated them!

    • Would have to make mounts then...p.i a if you have no way to fab. I thought of doing the same with Harley touring muffs and just having Monro bend me up a crossover, easier to find T-bolts than the ace setup. However, getting a set of FHLT bag guards and making them work seemed a bit easier. Gonna flub with it this winter, we'll see how it works out

    • I'm seeing the stock bracket on the r side of the bike but can't see how the left was done

    • Brian Becker, that's what I was trying to see also - most people fab up a bracket using the rear foot peg mount, but I think the Champion bag guards also use that mounting point....was kind of wondering how he made it work? Or maybe there was zero issue with using both items on the foot peg mount. Hmmm........

    • From all of my previous research, champion no longer makes those crash bars...they're a white buffalo. Its like $600 to get a new set from any parts dealer for a Ace tourer. $350 if you're just getting the front section of the mount that includes the crash bar. The foot peg bracket for the tourer has 4 holes, 2 that mount bracket to frame, 1 for peg, and one for the crash bar. Mine has a chrome cover over it and I haven't checked to see if the 4th hole is there and just covered or if I'd have to make one. You would have to fab the reverse of the stock right side bracket I guess

    • Brian Becker, apparently, I can still get the crash bars from Champion - talked to them yesterday. $305. Just not sure if they will interfere with my dual pipe bracket or not.

    • No s@$%, really? They don't show them available on their website. If you talk to them again, see how many sets they have, I want a set. Need a spot for passenger cup holder and power port ;)

    • Brian Becker, I'm calling them again on Tuesday, and talking to the guy "in the know" and I'll check for you. If you need a power port for you - install behind the neck cover....if for the passenger, yep, those guards would come in handy!