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Am I missing something here?

Honda is just too weird sometimes, I swear. I was looking at the front fender trim pieces for the Aero 1100. See the part diagram, Part 4 and 7 is the right side pieces priced @ 14.75 and 14.99 each. Pretty decent. The left side pieces are Part 5 and 8, priced @ 48.96 and 14.84 each. WTF? Why in the world is Part 5 more than triple the cost? A lesser WTF is why the other 3 can't just be one price, like 14.99? Can anyone explain, especially Part 5?

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  • Idk, they also interchange parts from bike to bike by just changing the first 2 letters in the part number. Listed as 2 different parts for 2 different bikes but is the exact same part. Like the fender skirts. Pretty sure they're the same part and available for the Valkyrie at west end motor sport.com for $58 each...something to look at Tami

  • Brian Becker, they look like the same parts, but are slightly different in size - the Valk front extension doesn't reach the edge of the Aero fenders. Not sure about the back one though.

  • It might be because of the availability.

  • Could be a typo