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My windshield review for the Memphis Fats Drop Top Windshield!

Personally, I have yet to find a windshield that I LIKED, mostly because I really DETEST looking through a windshield on the Aero 1100. I look through my Goldwing shield fine, but all the dash components, bars, etc, are black, so they don't reflect back into the shield. Not so lucky on the Aero, where everything up front is chrome or aluminum.

To make matters more difficult this time around, my husband and I share the Aero....so, how can we possibly find a shield that would suit both of us reasonably well - he's 6' tall, and I am 5' 2"? I started searching and found the Drop Top. I viewed the video posted below, and then took the $255 plunge (not including brackets!).

We bought the Ghost 13-16" shield, and I have now used it at 13" high, 14.5" high, and 16" high. My husband has used all three settings also. The reality: Yes, you can use a lower shield - but you'll still want lowers on the bike. We used it first without my NC chrome lowers, and then with. Definitely, the lowers cut out the minor buffeting we were getting, although the buffeting without was still less than with a regular Memphis Fats. So, in the end: I can highly recommend this shield, and it does what they claim for the most part, but is even more effective if you also use lowers.

I'm pretty happy that we can share a shield, and that it is adjustable. I've been riding it at 13" if around town, 14.5" for shorter freeway trips, and 16" if I'm going to be on the freeway for a long time. I'm pretty sure if hubby had his choice, he would have gone up one size, to the 17-20" version, but he's happy enough with the 13-16" at its highest setting, so its a win-win.

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