Tapping and smoke and my friends a dick

Tapping and smoke and my friends a dick

  • That's just junk burning off as others have pointed out. When I finally fired up my '82, it looked like Mosquito Control had just dumped an entire load outside my garage area. As for your valves, that's an adjustment issue as likewise already mentioned by others. Consult the service manual and absolutely, Dave Dodge. I just ordered his top end oil kit and asked some questions about valve adjustment, he'll guide you the right way. I can tell you, you'll need to drain and remove the radiator; remove the seat, remove the coils, remove the plastic part that the coils sit inside above the rear head; the rear cylinder valve cover is in two parts; a top cover and a frame part that makes what appears to be the "sides" of the entire unit. That's because it's so tight a complete cover wouldn't come out or go back in. The front head comes off as one larger cover. Mind the orientation marks in the covers, too. And you'll need three new gaskets, not two; two for the back head and one for the front. Other than that, it's quite easy to do. Takes some time that's all.

  • Thank you looks like I got a Sunday fun day in the barn maybe I'll get started tonight but fri I'll be smoking all day for the chili cook off at my local motorcycle shop

  • ya that's nothing, when I got my 83 running it had sat for 8 years.... Tom M. Batchelor nailed it, mosquito control LOL the smoke was just billowing out of the shed LOL

  • Now if I can get the clutch to bleed right I'd be good already replaced the pushrod gasket and got the rebuild kit for the slave. 7000 miles on her rather resurrect this beauty and get her back on the road ordered the headlight the other day next is the head gaskets and all four turn signals by riding time this beauty should be brand new looking or just running good lol

  • bleeding the clutch line is a pain. with all the bends and transitions from hard to soft line the air gets trapped. I just kept at it, tapping the hard lines here and there with a small wrench to move the air along, even let it sit overnight and went at it again the next day and still got a bit of air out.

  • Iv been trying different things the v4 site says to do and I'm about at my ends wit with it I'll keep trying don't want to pay a shop 100+ for something I could do

  • Think I would get a stethascope and pinpoint that clicking,valve train, crank area ,oil pump chain,pull the front valve cover off so you can see or feel what's going on

  • Yes get a stethoscope and see if you can isolate where the ticking is coming from. Put the end of the scope in the chrome rocker bolts to listen to the valves. Keep in mind, noise travels inside the engine so see if you can find where its the loudest. Start at the rocker bolts then check the block right above the stator and clutch covers. This can indicate a bad wrist pin. It could be a loose cam chain but that usually changes sound as you rev the engine. I'd start around the valves.

  • a lot of the v4s that i have seen do this

  • People need to do good videos on these bikes I can read read book all day on it but I'm better at seeing it done then I can do it