• teamPurple


    • Team to broke to care.. lol

    • GREEN

    • Where do you buy these ?

    • EBay, 3D printed velocity stack

    • Any power gains

    • i fitted one to mine but i struggled to get to 150mph! waste of money

    • Drew Stoodley bruhhh I got 151mpg wot u on about m9

    • Or what ?

    • I was on about does it help prodice more bottom end tourque

    • doubt it! fireblade did me away from the lights

    • Tyler Cox all round generally more happier engine. Buy them here !! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/172 478442038

    • Stack cost me $8.50 tho.

    • 24 pounds to ship that tiny thing to Canada? Must be good drugs someone is smoking

    • I've got purple on mine ☺

    • ^^ ha ha ha... cracked me up

    • ?

    • Craig Hennessey pmd you