• Thank you for allowing me to join

    Thank you for allowing me to join! :)

    • What you ride.

    • Two days ago I bought a 2001 Honda Magna VF750C.

    • This is the second Magna I have owned. I bought my first Magna back in 2005. It was a 2003 model.

    • These are very popular bikes - two years ago at Daytona bike weeks I was offered 3200 for my 98 - I declined.

    • Well done! These bikes should not be for sale, unless as a last resource for an imminent need of money.

    • I am so torn on what to do with mine, I have put close to $8000 in to it but now that I am stationed in Dallas TX and I see the amount of people texting and playing with their phones (I've counted about every 7 out of 10), and they're all over the road and don't even notice me in my car, I am terrified to ride down here, and I have been riding for 13 years

    • Jonathan Bentley

      The more you ride, the more you adapt to this type of scenarios. When cellphones came out, it was a distraction. When 7" screen dash dvd players came out, it was a distraction. When texting / "Facebooking" became cheap, and addictive, it became a distraction... Be aware of your surroundings, and make it a routine to check your mirrors more often than usual. I went through truck driving school. They teach you to do a visual check of all of your mirrors, long sight, short sight, and all gauges, every 7 seconds. For me, that became a routine, no matter the vehicle I am driving. Try it.