Thank you manual camchain tensioners what you see there is the rear cylinder...


Thank you manual camchain tensioners ... what you see there is the rear cylinder with it's cylinder head, including cracked (!) cylinder, 1 disintegrated valve and 3 seriously bent valves.

Tensioner became undone during a "spirited" ride through the harbour ... most likely aggravated by a worn camchain.

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  • Paul Haubourdin "Tensioner was installed correctly and tight (spanner tight), but without thread-lock" Could you link to the instructions you followed - as the instructions on installing MCCTs on clearly recommend using threadlock to stop precisely what occurred to you =28583 "8. Before fitting the manual tensioner loosen it off (unscrew the main threaded part) as much as it will go. If using sealant then apply some around the outside of the ring at the base where it inserts into the engine, place in the hole then fit and tighten up fully the mounting bolts. Don't forget the engine earth strap if it is taken off from one of these mounting bolts. If any sealant squiges out it can now be wiped off the outside.

    9. Apply some sealant or threadlock along the base of the thread and around the area the locknut tightens up to. I prefer to use gasket seal as threadlock has a tendency to crack after some time. Be generous with the amount you use. This does two things, first it seals inside the orifice that the thread goes through to prevent any oil creeping through along the thread, and second, it helps to stop the locknut becoming loose from vibrations and also helps slow down the thread from undoing if it does happen to become loose. As long as the locknut is locked off tight enough then generally this should not be a problem but it's a good precautionary measure to take."

  • What a shitty mess. Most people use threadlock allthough i know also some who didn't and have done many miles with the manual cct's.

  • What about lock-wiring them, anyone tried that?

  • @Stephen: threadlock should be sufficient, but you can do it also with lock-wiring

  • @Paul: I will have a look around in my network to see if i can find a cheap engine for you

  • James Weekes - you won't get that much notice. If you're riding - and they go rattly. It's TFL - your engines buggered already.

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  • Paul, I have a stripped down spare engine with a lot of parts, if you interested in spares for repair. Rear head, pistons, and top engine block, cam chain.

  • if you want shit sorting join VTR1000.ORG if you had used ths site you wouldnt be in this mess with poorley installed MCCT's

  • Unm threat lock