• Thanks a million for accepting me

    Thanks a million for accepting me

    • I dont know if you can help me im looking for a cdi for a fire storm

    • Have you tried ebay Michael West.. or look on the vtr forum

    • Thanks will try

    • Yep I'ver got one check the link & confirm which box you require No. 3 or No. 4. Note this is the pre facelift model as the CDI is different on the later bikes...http://www.ronayers.com/oempar ts/a/hon/5053e8e0f870021c54be3 32b/wire-harness BTW according to both CMSL & Dave Silvers this is now a discontiued part !

    • No 3 the bikes spark startes breaking just after half throttle on the front cylinder but the back spark is almost solid

    • OK before you spend any money try swapping the coils around...if it still does it on the front then yeah replace the CDI if the prob moves to the rear then it's the coils with the issue...Also find someone local willing to help by swapping parts out to try & resolve...Id still start with the coils tho... Failling that £25 posted for the CDI. Msg me an address I'll reply with Pay Pal info. Sorry I have no coils...

    • Thanks appreciate the advice.

    • Changed coils still does the same