• Thanks for giving me added to the group

    Thanks for giving me added to the group ...

    Hello I would like to purchase a cbf 1000, latest model, I would like to know the differences between normal and ST, and most important thing that I have seen 60-70 km day workhouse kindly let me know:

    average consumption

    consumption to 140 km / h pace with changing brilliant march

    consumption to 110 km / h with Shift as soon as possible 6 March to 50 mph thanks

    • Lower fairings top box side panniers heated grips and mine came with a sat-Nav over the standard model , I get a good 200 miles on a run two up , hope this is what you are after

    • Duggie Heminsley 200 miglia 322 km , quanti litri ? benzina ?

    • Few good for long trips optionals is the main difference. The side panniers for example have the same color of the bike and...it is nice. I do have it.

      The range is everything between 10 and 20 km/l. The lowest consumptions are in 6th at 100 km/h circa: up to 25 km/l

      Riding as VR46 you'll have something close to 10÷12 km/l.

      Best bike around

    • Think it's a 20 litre tank

    • This is my lady all her glory

    • very good bike,that's why we are all on here. In U.K. We have the cbf1000f. The cbf1000st is the equivalent bike as on Europe or further. probably stands for "sports tourer." I think it can come with luggage or without. It is a very good bike and you will enjoy it very much.