Thanks for the Ad I m not a Grom owner YET But it s happening next week...

Thanks for the Ad.... I'm not a Grom owner....YET!! But it's happening next week hopefully. I currently run a pitbike specialist business with a mate and from the looks of the grom it's made of pitbike parts in china, definitely the engine and I've seen a few piitbike swingarms bolted onto groms....what experience have you lot got of mods? Do you buy the Honda engine parts or just put Chinese on?

  • Sorry to disappoint but not everything comes out of China ....

    Honda MSX = Thailand

    Takegawa = Japan

    Engine Internally/Externally nothing is the same as 'PitBike' so your 'definitely' mistaken there .... same regarding the swingarms

  • Ok thanks.

  • Daren Ben is takegawa dealer mate. The brand name is the same but the parts/components are very different

  • I know. I've had both in Pitbikes

  • Thank you all for your comments... I'll stick to putting Chinese shit on the Pitbikes then...the Grom is only gonna get the best trick bits....let the fun commence ✊

  • That bike looks fucking awesome by the way....

  • I'd suggest starting with:

    kitaco clutch cover - adds oil filter and sight glass while removing almost 2lbs off the crank.

    Chimera intake - adds a little power/noise across the board. So far rain hasn't been an issue for me. I do cover the filter with a paper cup when parking.

    14t front sprocket - stock gearing is a bit high and 4th is a over drive. The 14t front makes 4th usable with stock power.

    Things to be aware of:

    Soft front suspension

    Stock chain wears quickly

    Stock tires(vee) are know for being less than sticky

    Oil pick up is on the front right of the motor(wheelies starve the motor for oil)

    Headlight is a/c powered (gotta fix this for led headlights).

    Keep asking questions when you got them. You will get serious answers among all the troll answers.

  • You can spend £20,000 on mods for this Chinese pit bike MSX/grom

  • Chinese parts don't fit, I wanted to put a grom engine in my pit but won't fit

  • I'm not sure of any pit bike parts that bolt straight on (obviously apart from things like bars etc)

  • You need to contact Josh Bissonnette on all things Chinese for the MSX he stocks loads of pit bike parts

  • Yeah all fitted to your shitter!

  • And fantastic service to

  • I put Chinese hand guards on. I wouldn't replace any moving parts with Chinese parts. I had mirrors from china but had to change them out cause they needed daily adjustment.

  • Thanks mate. Can't wait to get started on it all

  • So do I...that was the point of my original post...Pitbikes I know, it's Groms that I don't, hence the question about mods

  • Josh Bissonnette will tell you everything you need to know he owns a pit bike company out in China

  • That's good to know mate. Will keep him in mind as soon as I get my new beast ✊

  • He will jock you up with some discounts

  • He also sell good class a if you need anything

  • You spelt arse wrong james

  • I don't know about that Billy loo

  • AC powered is only a problem for the first gen Grom, the SF has a DC regulator and the LED headlight is DC powered.

  • There is a grom copy... motrac m3r i think its called

  • Dust caps ? A Chinese person ? Lol.