• Thanks for the add . Just bought my West Coast Magna this weekend

    Thanks for the 'add' ! Just bought my West Coast Magna this weekend.

    It lived in Bullhead City, AZ...Dave Dodge may recognize it..:)

    • Saw the car also

    • I started to not let you in Wee Willie-Winkie your name had me worried.

    • Jon Edwards no, but he personally did the oil mod, or so I'm told from the guy I bought it from

      @ Tom Wright not sure..came with the bike..hafta do some research

      @ John M Nighthawk Smedley Jr. my nickname is Woody, but I had that before it was funny also..:)

    • Okay so that is your real name or nickname.

    • My friends call me Woody (Turner)..I rarely use my legal name unless I'm at the bank..:)

    • that's a nice bike!!! hear is mine they are great bikes

    • Bought from a good friend of mine. He had me go over it before selling... Belvedere in the background is a cross-ram and beautiful. He has entered it in about 4 car shows in CA and was awared in all.

    • Thank you for that Dave..it was nice to meet John and Richard..hopefully I'll get to meet you someday as well..:)

    • We are practically neighbors www. I did the oil mod, fork seals, cleaned and tuned the carbs, and misc. This was also one of the bikes I tested the Liquid Performance - Ethanol Equalizer. It had it in the tank when you picked it up... great stuff if the bike will sit for any amount of time.

    • Thanks ! Love to pick you brain sometime..:)