Thanks for your help with my loose barrel guys


Thanks for your help with my loose barrel guys.

Maybe you could help with my crank

Looks like it was hitting the valves and bulged the rod a little

I was thinking if i get it real hot while running and jam the brakes on it will stretch out

%d comments
  • Leave it long and machine your piston down. You will have a stroker then = more power

  • DOH!!!!!

  • Hi Gundy, how is it going? You need to be careful altering the piston weight. Will's crank is modified to be shorter without cutting and rewelding. Must have been really hot!

  • Just thinking

  • Bugger, cam chain is on the wrong side

  • I like your thinking Bruce Johnston after this gets going that will be the next bit of chasing me tail .4 valve head ct engine.That head you got might fit these other cases i got or maybe not lol

  • Turn the head around

  • Bruce Johnston whats the head off???

  • Is it a xr600 head

  • Damn need something a bit smaller. ..