Thanks Tudor much better now


Thanks Tudor, much better now!!!!

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  • Loveley mate came quick all the way to Ireland :)

  • Well... not to be fussy about it but it's northern ireland lol!!! 1st class post is nearly always next day depending when it was posted :)

  • Sweet! Mine is going on later this evening too

  • Lol funny thing is it turns up in one day to Ireland and took 5 days to get to Louis who lives 15 miles away from me

  • Tudor Toma

  • what's the issue with the original that needs this replacement?

  • Getting mine on on Sunday (bike getting its MOT atm), can't wait!

  • Its clunky and not very postive shifting with rose joints it more postive and feels nicer

  • Royal mail.... The UK'S finest lol

  • Cheers. I always see the Mrs stamping on the gear lever. Might be worth investing in one

  • Yo , when you going international with these things, I tried to buy the parts but can't find them anywhere.

  • Hi mate pretty busy for the next month or so but hopefully soon :)

  • Alright, let me know when u start. Thanks