That gut wrenching feeling when ur on your way to work and the chain decides to...


That gut wrenching feeling when ur on your way to work and the chain decides to jump off was praying it hadnt snapped

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  • How many miles has it done?

  • Why did you even let it get that bad to the point it can fall off in the first place

  • the hindsight brigade has arrived

  • 2200

  • I wouldnt mind but its not even like its loose its still tight all round and i dont get what you mean by let it get that bad

  • Wow, that's not a lot. Surely it shouldn't be ruined after that mileage?

  • It jumped off i think but cant be to sure

  • If its tight all round your chain couldn't have just fallen off

  • Well im telling you now its tight and as i pulled away from a set of lights it had come off

  • I think the bike needs a good once over when you've got some some time, it's shite being stranded!

  • You could have loose spots Stuart. Try getting the wheel off the ground and slowly spinning it and pulling on the chain to make sure the chain is evenly tight :)

  • I managed to get it back on luckily but might not be so lucky next time

  • Oh i will be lol got the day off tomorrow so can do it then

  • Any idea what the dealio is? Are your sprockets in decent condition?

  • From what i can see they are mate yea

  • What sort of mileage?

  • How many times did you clean, lube and adjust the chain in that 2200 miles?

    I do mine every 500 miles, but the book says every 300.

    I hate to think how bad your chain must have been for it to come off.

  • Not atm mate ive only put 500 miles on it the chain looks ok but it can be deceiving though

  • Happened to me today mate. Not taking chance so got new chain an sprocket on route.