that moment wen ur riding down the lanes wen some fuking big bird flies out of...

that moment wen ur riding down the lanes, wen some fuking big bird flies out of the hedge and straight across ur path, its that big it flies slowly,,,, ease off the throttle and go wide otherwise would of had a face full of wildlife hahahaha but my wing mirror did tap its tail feathers hahahahah dammm v-twins makin noise in the countryside lol

  • Seagull smashed my mirror and gave me a nice bruise on shoulder as well had to duck to avoid flamin geese last week too !

  • hahahaha dammm, both pretty dammm big birds hahahah, its bad enough wen pigeons do it, but atleast they move pretty quick, wen they fly out slow at you, its ohhh crappp hahahah

  • Got hit in the neck by a bee once while I was giving it plenty. Only part of me not covered in leather and lid... God it hurt!

  • Hit a pheasant outside St Andrews at about 90. Luckily it put itself up the side of the wheel and wedged what was left of it between the left radiator and the front cylinder. Thankfully no damage. Just a bbq smell for the ride home.

  • bbq pheasant hahahhaha

  • I hit a muntjac deer that ran out in front of me, bent forks and knackered ankle and something on it cut straight through my boots and into my foot. Also had a hawk or suchlike try to attack me in East London, saw something out the corner of my eye and turned just in time to see it change its mind. Was coming at my head, talons first, and changed its mind when it was about 3 feet away. Scared the poop out of me that one

  • bloody hell, talons first from a hawk,,,, can do with out that comin at you hahah