The Biffer Trilogy


The Biffer Trilogy!!

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  • It's official

  • Looks like the grey one is in front to me

  • The stealthy black is ready to pounce.

  • the gold ones..long too slowwww

  • It no the blue one that's for sure lol

  • And a brace of, the very fast, red ones.

  • The more I look at that pic, the more I think Honda missed a trick in not giving the bikes a better paint job rather than just the mono colours they decided on. No dis intended, however the grey one reminds me of the old airfix aircraft kits; not painted but with the decals added...

  • Why has one of the top boxes not got a pad? They came as standard as far as I remember.

  • I have no idea.

  • I know what you mean Mike but I dont really like the whole corporate identity thing. I love the anonymity of the biffer, from the quiet exhaust to its bland looks...never get a second glance from police. ;-)

  • The Givi top box pads are an optional extra, are these Honda boxes?

  • If I recall correctly - the grey one was in front for most of the day!

  • Tim Burnett that's coz we didn't not the way

  • One thing I do remember is - we had a great day!

  • Tim Burnett , tut tut.