The bolts that hold in the clutch Spring plate. Can I use any bolts that fit


The bolts that hold in the clutch Spring plate... Can I use any bolts that fit? Or do I need a specific type of bolt?

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  • Tudor?

  • With some drilling and using a tap and die set I'm sure you'll be able to use six but no offence Charlie I'm not sure you'll be able to do it

  • Yeah don't really see the point of using 6 myself you ain't gonna make it any stronger save yourself the pain in the ass and use the already threaded ones because there is no thread on the other 3 anyway

  • I've seen somebody install them with 6 bolts.

    As far as I'm aware, the holes are there, but not used.

  • Yup you need to thread them to be able to use then :)

  • The Honda part number for these bolts are: 90050-KPH-900.

    They are a M6 x 20mm flanged hexagon head screw (very similar to the photo I've attached).

  • I didn't realise that.

    I saw that someone installed the billet clutch spring plate with 6 screws, but I never saw them mention that they had to tap out the other holes.

  • Keith Adaway did it if I remember

  • Yeah, that's right.

    Here is his photo.

  • Yeah, that's it.

    Cheers Dan.

  • No worrys

  • Charlie Reeves when you tap out the other 3 clutch basket pegs, make sure you tap them dead square,with the basket, other wise when you nip them up you could crack the peg fixing, there only ally, 6mm tap is the thread

  • I thought hole's were all ready to have a screw\bolt fitted. Maybe I'll just continue using stock 3 hole's

  • 3 bolts should be fine, its just me ,got to much time on my hands, like fucking about with things

  • there already drilled just need a 6mm tap to tread them

  • Didn't even know that aha so it won't be too hard as long as you can use a tap Charlie Reeves

  • Tap like a water tap?

    There's a reason I'm not a mechanic

  • yep keep the square to the clutch basket, all is good

  • Don't worry Charlie aha you it's not a a must do thing