the cct spring that fails and kills your engine


the cct spring that fails and kills your engine !

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  • Allways delivered with gaskets :-)

  • Gaskets not required as both faces are machined flat,so small amount off instant seal will seal faces.

  • Do these require regular adjustment plz? How much with postage plz?

  • i check each service

  • RTV silicon is a great modern sealant, but must be used in the knowledge that the sealant can block oil ways. It can destroy catalytic convertors, if it becomes diluted by engine oil contact, to the point that it gets left on the cylinder wall during combustion and ends up in the exhaust stream. Oxygen sensors can also be destroyed by being coated in silicon residue. Use only as directed, and replace a gasket with a gasket.

  • I think you will find a lot of race teams use sealant instead of gaskets with no problems, modern cars have various parts put together with sealants.

  • It's a face off between the cct distributors......could get nasty :-)

  • No,Could get sticky if we use all up to the individual.i could supply gaskets,but at £3.00 each from MR HONDA seams abit to much.

  • Sealant is fine, if used correctly. Hylomar is used on nuclear power stations and many other Industrial sites.

    People tend to use too much, which spills from the joint into the machinery, where things go wrong.

    How many carbs have I cleaned out over the years, clogged with excess 'instant Gasket', silicone, and even bathroom sealant. Urgh!!!

  • By the time I go out and buy some proper sealant, may as well have got gaskets

  • Why would you NOT use a gasket as original? Only reason is to be cheap ass. Honda did'nt do it this way for no reason. Sealant :(

  • maybe Honda could of put manual cct's on instead of being cheap arse's putting weak badly designed auto's on !

  • because I already have sealant in my shed

  • And you have the tensioners in stock also? Cant see how "having it" is a reason to use it where it dont belong :)

  • Yep, I have tensioners here too. It's simple really.. I have it, it will work, it will save me money and save me waiting for delivery.

  • I don't think a small bead of sealant would have too much of a catastrophic effect to be honest bearing in mind the high numbers of owners using this method ! As stated above the biggest failing was Honda fitting the crap ones in the first place!