The firza starting issue I get on rare occasions

The firza starting issue I get on rare occasions

I'd tried a few times before I recorded this

  • Probaly not got enough charge in battery or probably needs a new battery

  • I've not had that problem

  • Battery is fine it starts on the Button all the time and is used regularly for long rides. It just occasionally does this and splutter's this has happened after a 2 hour ride whilst still hot and from cold after sitting for a few hours like the video

  • It is all under warranty, the bike has to be under a year old, why are you messing around with it yourself, take it back to the dealer and let them worry about it. That is why you buy a brand new bike so as not have have to think about this. If they are any good they will lend you a courtesy bike too. I tend to side with Stuart Hiam, it could still be a poor battery.

  • Play them the video too, just in case the bike behaves itself in front of the dealer.

  • Messing about with it? I haven't touched it haha it still starts and runs just has an odd hicup like that once every other month

  • If I start it and run for a few seconds... Then restart 5 mins later then yes.

  • Could be recall related....... Take it back.

  • Mine's done that on two occasions now. Took a few tries to start it even though on both occasions it had already warmed up and had a few miles run. A little bit of throttle helped. I've had the battery out and on the Optimate and that said the battery was good. I'm hoping it's just all this rain we've had. Already mentioned to my dealer but I'll see how it goes.

  • Just seems like a hicup its happened to me even last year in the warm. Sometimes a touch of throttle helps other times it takes a few on and offs of the ignition