The Grom has finally died. FUCK


The Grom has finally died...FUCK

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  • Mine too

  • Des Gibbons now what did I say about these clutch version of the Innova engine when the msx first came out ?

  • What milage is this?

  • that looks like a hot sieze there, had thaat before, similar position too. Have the ring groves deformed as well?

  • If it's 21,500 miles on the stock piston, I'd be surprised if the piston hadn't worn out too. Mine was noticably slapping by about 16,000 miles. Or it could be the big end itself. Time for FinBro me-thinks. Hell, I've got a 215cc set of FinBro internals and ECU I might consider selling......

  • Nope and yea wheelie too long

  • I've already got a Finbro upgraded crank and 125 barrel and piston

  • Oil can't get to the barrel with out the oil cooler?

  • you ok on removing and re-fitting the crank, or are you going to take the split cases to a pro and let them do it? (and claim on their insurance if the mess it up ;) )

  • Na my dad is going to do it, we are just waiting for gaskets

  • which gaskets?

  • All of them

  • Grandad sends his condolences...!!!

  • Nooooooo!

  • Sad news Jack, I'll have a drink for you n your grom tonight