• The Honda Shadow it might not be the Fastest or Most Powerful or even Nicest...

    The Honda Shadow - it might not be the 'Fastest' or 'Most Powerful' or even 'Nicest' bike out there....but it is the BEST bike out there!!

    • It's the best looking one too.

    • So many people look at my shadow and think it's a Harley, I tell them "No way, just by not being in the shop should tell you it's a Honda." lol

    • Same with my Fury.. I get asked A LOT, and yes even by Harley riders, Where did you get your custom work done! UMMMM the Honda factory!! ;)

    • I sure like mine !

    • Be sure to wave at the Harley riders as they are waiting on a trailer.

    • They are the nicest to. They are easier to maintain and work on.

    • 10 out of 10 victory owners say: "not so much" ;)

    • I am seriously looking at a XCT...so I can't speak against that!!! But I can say the Little Shadow is a pretty sweet, comfortable, fuel efficient and RELIABLE bike!! LOL

    • What's that windscreen? Did you modify something together or is that style available?

    • It is a Memphis Shades Batwing...with the tallest windscreen they make!!

      http://www.memphisshades.com/m etric-shades

    • Thanks! I really like that style seems like awesome coverage great for riding in the cold.

    • I love it...and they are quick release so easily taken off!! The same brackets can also be used for other windshields.