The moment you get hooked up on 250 lugnuts


The moment you get hooked up on 250$ lugnuts :)

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  • 5 $ I'll sale u the matching dip stick

  • They have reps of these

  • no these are the LEGIT ones I can show you in person

  • Richard Peichoto I got 4 extra ill come by this week and show you its nothing like your picture

  • they was selling for 250. but I'm a loyal customer for 16 years and know his family so he gave me a good deal. no rep shit

  • the bottom part rotate. so they wont seize

  • they are not reps promise you that

  • Hella fast dog

  • The one on the right is the same brand just the lock one and I'm not saying these ones are bad but the style of these kind I see break alot when tighting

  • Must be nice.