The new arrow thunder finally arrived today

The new arrow thunder finally arrived today!!!

  • Ixil

  • Looks mint, any chance of posting a video?

  • Posted!! The db killer is still in, havnt tried it without yet

  • Sounds a lot deeper than the ixill, be interested in seeing what it's doing on the dyno? Good to know it went straight on the ixill decat pipe too. How much did you give for the can, if you don't mind me asking

  • The last owner claims 145bhp with the power commander, it was all fitted and set up by dynojet in glasgow.

    Havnt ridden it with the new can,

    Ive read on a few forums the ixil can restrict it a bit.

    But i'll keep you informed.

    It was £245 including delivery from italy.

    I see an ixil on yours, what do you think to it?

  • It's good for the money but I too have heard it can restrict the power. I had a pc5 fitted and dyno'd by focus in Stockport. John did an excellent job with the power delivery but it was only kicking out 112bhp at the rear wheel. Would be interested to see what yours is putting out now.

  • Im in stockport, i might book it in with them for another run,

  • Just been to see him, gonna pop the bike in friday and he's going to stick it on the dyno and see what its doing.

  • Mint, let me know how you get on please?

  • Sounds like a dodgy Dyno ! Modded CBs (DeCat, PCV, End Can) knock out between 115 and 125 depending on motor and set up and dyno - the highest readings have been around 127/128 (these are with Akras or Yoshis which seem the best performers - Ixil are generally the worst) - have a look at the Dynojet thread on the CB1000R Forum - I've moved up to a S1000R which is a true 150bhp at the back - the difference to the CB is like moving from a Hornet 600 to a CB1000R !!

  • I agree, his claimed 145 was far to high.

    Its being dyno'd on friday to see what its doing.

  • Took the db killer out today.

  • ....with the Decat and Arrow plus a Power Commander I think you should get good looks good !

  • Its a more realistic 116.3bhp.

    Its running a bit rich so its going back in to have the map tweeked to put it right.

    Very happy at 116bhp

  • 116bhp sounds more realistic John Maher, JP's a top bloke and knows his stuff. My bike only just had 600 miles on it when I had it done. I'm going to have the map tweaked in a few months when I've put some miles on it. New can sounds awsome mate.✊

  • He's literally 2 minutes from my house.

    That arrow sounds mint when it was wound up!!

    Hopefully next week get it back to him to get it tweeked.