The only thing I don t like about my bike is that it looks like everyone else s...

The only thing I don't like about my bike is that it looks like everyone else's so with that said I'm going to buy all new custom parts for it

  • That's all part of the fun, customize it and make it yours! I changed out the pegs and grips, new mirrors and shocks, removed the turn signals and replaced the brake light with an led one, added soft saddlebags, backrest with bag and a fork bag for the front. Lowered the rear two inches and the front half an inch. Then repainted it GMC charcoal with a red pinstripe.

  • I want to see a pic of it sounds nice

  • Nice

  • Thanks.

  • yeah I have no front turn signals. If you look at my picture above, just northwest of the my helmet in the pic, you can see where I put my rear signals on once was the passenger foot pegs. I love how everyone here makes the aero their own!

  • Chop off that muffler box and put on a Cherry Bomb!!!

  • How does that sound Randy Garms

  • Like the glasspack it is...won't disappoint. The cagers will hear you comin. (Stock exhaust sounded like a sewing machine...not that there's anything wrong with that)

  • Two step install. Autozone. Muffler shop.