• The SPDT auto relay I planned to use was knackered so I have done a direct wire...

    The SPDT auto relay I planned to use was knackered, so I have done a direct wire-up from the high-beam instead, through the handlebar switch. Flickers on idle like expected but otherwise very neat!

    • yer so good for at night and yer pumps alot of light out

    • Wow ! That horn is shiney

    • That's what I'll tell them Steve !

    • Would you be able to wire something like that up on a 6v bike if it is coming straight from the alternator?

    • Mark Fleming I no a led strip off eBay runs off 6v system

    • Many LEDS run under a wiiiide range of voltages.

      If its listed for 12v it might run anywhere between 5v and 30v.

    • Sweet

      The ride home after night work is dangerous enough without the postie headlight lol

    • I put one on mine exactly the same but mine is 6v. It worked fine at idle but as soon as I reved it, it blew the led. Tried a nother led. Same thing happened. Any ideas why?

    • Not a big enough voltage range?

    • Maybe get a DC to DC converter. Pull the guts out of a ciggy lighter version and cram it into the headlight cavity. It should should supply enough without blowing.