The storm is back on the road. Thanks Steve Kay and Liam Bennett

The storm is back on the road! Thanks Steve Kay and Liam Bennett!

  • Haha keeps his neighbours happy

  • My neighbours love me for the fact that i haven't got baffles in the LeoVince cans

  • Well in ride like a pansy with or without lol. We will have to go for a ride in the day especially once I've had some more bonding time!

    Btw love how you mentioned having the 3 of us, although I did manage to do about 5 bolts LOL?

  • And you pushed the starter button lol

  • Well somebody has to do it :-)

  • Joab Forte we had your bike back together quicker than an F1 pit stops crew for a quick blast, sorry test rideout and in the dark too!

  • Don't think ive ever seen a storm go back together so quick!!

  • so what was the problem?

  • We had no DC voltage going to the rear coil. At first we thought the converter unit was causing the problem but decided to start right at the beginning of the ignition system and check the ohms reading from the pulse gen then the continuity of all wires running up to the coil and converter, all good so moved onto the ICU and all good there, plugged it back in Joab hit the button and bang we had voltage! We’re putting it down to a dry joint (connection) with the ICU plug that caused the problem. Like all electrical problems on bike it’s always a pain tracing the fault but when you do it’s usually a quick fix and you’re up and running again.

  • It didnt skip a beat when it went out last night and I can safely say that it got a good clean out of all the cobwebs from being sat for a couple of months lol I know this cause joab lead us home lol