The time has come. No trouble starting up after sitting for 5 months.

The time has come...... No trouble starting up after sitting for 5 months :-)

  • Snap

    left mine months started straight up quick look over and out love my vtr

  • This was my first storm I bought 3 years ago on a whim and I have been hooked since. It's had a few transformations since I got it and it's also been a great bike but will be moving on to another later this year so this one is having it's last yee haa before I pull it to bits.

  • Had mine 5 yrs next summer I'm after busa

  • Nice rims!

  • Nice... for me, I have spent most my years on 4's so I think it will be a while before I look to change from the twin.

  • The front wheel is a loaner because I had a flat... by chance it matches the rear spot on :-p

  • I had tl1000rw as well but never used it always jumped on vtr more fun on corners

    Must say vtwins been with me 7 yrs ever since my first but really want a busa to turbo up lol

  • mine is having a compleat engine rebuild at mo

  • The one above is just my temp ride cause I was itching to get back on 2 wheels... below is my current project that's sitting in my house, will be making a start on it soon and hopefully having it ready for summer.