• There any honda technician here I can talk to

    There any honda technician here I can talk to.

    • Being as I work at a local shop I do have to say support your local shop when you can,. But I buy shit on ebay too, the struggle is real. Lol

    • well for once i think my local shop is cheaper for once lol the gen4 oil is like 8 bucks a quart then a filter cant be much more than that

    • Im a Harley service tech

    • Hey I got a question for you .

      I have a 2009 honda shadow spirit 750 can I drill out the baffles at the end of the factory exhaust without causing issues to the motor

    • I don't have to worry about back pressure

    • Ok thank you

    • Steve Davis thanks for responding sent you a pm about my problem can you help??

    • Andrew Fuller sent pm about problem can you help??

    • Rottela

    • Just sent again