There are some very talented people out there

There are some very talented people out there

  • Collins, I don't have messenger for FB so I couldn't message you directly. I found fender extensions on various aftermarket cruiser sites...they're new and available for Honda Valkyrie, they should fit and they're relatively inexpensive. Even though the Honda part numbers don't match up, they should fit. Do a google search for Honda Valkyrie and start looking through online part stores. Hope that helps

  • Collin Baldwin, found them...west end power

  • Thanks, I did see the ones for the Valkyrie, they do look very similar. I am thinking about getting a set off Ebay. I found a seller that offers no problem returns

  • They look very close,

  • They're only $60 a piece, for that money it would be worth grabbing them up and if they don't work...send them back. Was talking it over with my Honda parts guy, only difference in part # is the first 2 letters

  • Collin Baldwin, someone on the Aero Forum used these - the front fender extension doesn't quite reach the sides of the fender, because the Valk front fender isn't has deep as the Aero front fender at the back end. He used some vinyl chrome to finish it off - noticeable if you're right up to it, not so much far away. I went and did a search for you on the forum since I figured someone had to have tried these already. Couldn't find any detail on the rear fender extension.

  • Thanks Tami Glover and Brian Becker. I really appreciate your help. I gonna order the Valkyrie set, to give it a look, If anything we will know soon. But I will continue to search for the right ones

  • No problem Collin Baldwin - totally frustrating that Honda still makes them for the Valk, which has been out of production almost as long as the Aero, but they stopped making the Aero ones years ago. Grrr.

  • Collin Baldwin - I'm not sure that is a functional lawn mower (back on track here).....I don't see a cup holder, lol.

  • I think your right, there's no belt on the mower deck spindles