There What does that part do Anyone know Yung isang dulo papunta sa carb...


There. What does that part do? Anyone know? Yung isang dulo papunta sa carb flange going into the engine. :)

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  • Sir Zach eto ung sa akin... totally removed

  • Yan po ay tinatawag din na EGR or exhaust gas return. Pede ring AIS or Air Intake System

  • tama ka talaga sir Bryann Punay

  • The reason you must remove it with an aftermarket exhaust is because they all "pull" more air than stock which means it also pulls more unburned fuel. When this unburned fuel/air hits fresh air (with oxygen) injected by the PAIR system it can ignite causing nasty backfires. This tends to happen while letting off of the throttle and/or decellerating or at other points in the map where the bike will tend to be rich (ie: too much fuel/not enough oxygen to burn it all).

  • sa madaling salita, mas may tendency na mag backfire kung nka OpenPipe kana.

  • kaya pala ung sakin, nahahalata ko din na nag baback fire xa. nka open pipie kasi ako

  • Pair valve iba schematic. The tubes come from the airbox. Satin galing flange carb... :)

  • You guys were right! Thanks for the advice! So I took out the tubing and fabricated a cover from stainles steel. I had minimal backfire before...but now in nada backfire or popcorn! :)

  • Another angle...

  • Nice hehehe mas madali itono pag wala yun... :)

  • Sobra!

  • pampatipid sa gas yan....