these be alright won t tho these will fit

these be alright won't tho these will fit ?

  • Oh yeah... Mines were binned as soon as I dropped the bike. They were the first thing to snap! Haha

  • yeah and that haha changed the right one already since I lowsided

  • dont use glue.. put 3m double side tape

  • I've tried three types of flush indicators. The ones in the top post look best as they're really thin, but zero front visibility and not all that good from the side. The ones Liam mentions were okay but the lens fell off and disappeared. I finally got a type that look like Liam's but have a metal washer on the back. The washer is too big you'll need a smaller one. But they were the brightest and haven't come apart yet.

  • thanks

  • Mine are still on so far

  • Also modded for permanent running light

  • £14.99 Lextech ones.. With R&G adaptors so they fit properly. £24.99 all in (10r for adaptors).

  • Id rather have forward facing ones as my nanos are small enough as it is and the SMD LED is in the forward direction as i don't fancy being T boned

  • These look pretty good actually!

  • Agreed!

  • Bright enough in daylight ?

  • Yeah they're spot on. Can't fault them to be honest

  • They look smart mate again will take a look when I see you