They actually are NOS cams as advertised on eBay


They actually are NOS cams, as advertised on eBay.

I should have bought all six sets ...

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  • They arrived!

  • Finally!

  • Your lucky cliff or check them real close, mine from same seller were not. Claims he never said they were NOS in ad. wear marks are easy to spot on mine.

  • Yeah - I think his advert said "might be NOS". Looking at these I see no wear anywhere, no stains and spotlessly clean grooves where the rubber rings go. I will be very happy to use them!

  • Heading said NOS as well as in add but he also said he didn't know. I saw someone else not happy with them. Glad you lucked out

  • Given that the first pair I bought from him got lost in the mail, and eBay refunded me so I could purchase the last pair left - maybe I got the good pair he was hanging on to?