They don t have Lifan motors but I also collect Honda Kick N Go scooters

They don't have Lifan motors, but I also collect Honda Kick 'N Go scooters. I have a few of the regular size ones, like the one on the left. Yesterday, a friend dropped off an extremely rare Kick 'N Go Senior. I had seen pictures of one before, but never one in person. It's amazing what people will bring you when they know you collect little Honda's.

  • Scott, I just clicked on the pic of your 2-wheeler for the first time. It looks great, but shouldn't it have the "2" decals, instead of the "Senior" decals? Or, was there a Senior 2-wheeler?

  • I believe so, but could be wrong?? Still needs a brake cable.

  • Dammit Scott, don't tell me there is something else out there I have to hunt down. Ha!

  • There were three different types of Kick ‘N’ Go scooter released by Honda. These were:

    The Kick-N-Go – released in 1974, the three-wheeled version was intended for younger children weighing less than 135 pounds

    The Kick-N-Go 2 – released in 1976, the larger two-wheeled version was intended for older children and adults

    The Kick 'N Go Senior – released in 1976, this was an larger version of the original three-wheeled model aimed at older children and adults.

  • Thanks Mike! Good info.

  • This is what I've got so far, want to add a senior to the group. Might be willing to trade the yellow kick n go for a red senior. That way I have a matching set of reds.

  • Vintage (1974) advertising to go with the recent Kick 'N Go pick ups.

  • That sign is crazy money on ebay

  • Love it

  • Guess I need correct decal

  • I made him an offer and he took much less. Still paid more than I should have, but I wanted it.

  • Did they make the Senior in red? I've only seen silver and blue.

  • Local Honda christmas giveaway. My mom won the kick-n-go