• Think I finally hit 12 today

    Think I finally hit 12 today

    • The flipper will be back

    • Was this followed by a mouse trap?

    • Video

    • Bad ass!

    • Not really

    • Happy days fair play 2 ya

      So come on when do we get 2 c thr full video

    • Omg..how?????

    • Scrape scrape scrape!!!

    • Got a bit further to go yet

    • Need to sort rear brake out way too sharp

    • Excuses excuses

    • Yeah dk cage is about 1oclock lol

    • Scrape is way far back

    • I could do it

    • This is y i made my new 12 bar that tad bit longer lol

    • Go on the Craig

    • Don't worry you'll learn from the best I'll be over at 7:00 tomo make sure you have your weetabix

    • Joking,you'll get it soon

    • Na go on, if you can scrape my grom without crashing it you can keep it

    • Practise lol

    • Good lad

    • My advice always pays of ✌️

    • Certainly made a massive difference, it also certainly drops back a lot quicker too