Think I got my use out if these


Think I got my use out if these :)

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  • 13k ish now Owain

  • Sweet

  • Loads left on those!

    The near one seems to be worn a bit off-square, was the pad pin that end smooth so the pad could move, and were the caliper sliding pins ok?

  • Aaron these were the stock ones and I think whoever put them on before may have aligned them slightly off as the wear was not exactly even on one of the pads, I checked over the pin when I cleaned it and it was fine no grooves or notches and the pistons were absolutely fine as well. There was a bit more life in them but just did the whole service on the bike today thought I might as well change them but yeah I agree the wear was strange I will take mine out after 1k miles and check them see if its the same story

  • Tasty

  • There never really even due to the leading something or another

  • Buster yeah always noticed that on my other bikes its clearly not something bad like a seized piston so it doesn't worry me at all the bike stopped fine for 13k miles ;)

  • They're the same pads for 13k?!?!

  • I'm guessing bought the bike with something like 4k miles and the pads barely had any wear and for the rest of the 9k I haven't changed them since they were still within the wear limit the rear are still fine with loads on them, 13k doesen't surprise me at all for stock pads

  • Even when half-worn like these, most pads are really filthy and repson well to a good scrub with a (totally clean) wire brush. Gets them almost like new.