Think I just overheated my 250 Broke down on the highway and feels like every...


Think I just overheated my 250. Broke down on the highway and feels like every gear is responding as if in neutral. Sorta smells like burnt popcorn. Do I need to do anything besides let it cool?

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  • Let it cool best idea after that if it works just change oil help it out a little id say....

  • Yea maby an oil change or the clutch

  • yup... burned up your clutch.

  • i'll do an oil change although i did one very recently. it's still got that light honey color. Zack, i had the same thought about burning up the clutch, only couldn't i still change gears without using the clutch? I don't tend to drag the clutch but i noticed that when you switch gears and release the clutch the bike revs hard for a minute like it's still in the lower gear then jumps up (kind of like the feeling the flintones must of had when they all started moving their legs in a circle before the car took off). Is there a way to burn out the clutch besides dragging it? Also, there is definitely a slight difference between being in gear and being in neutral. when the bike is off and i put her in gear it still rolls a little as if in neutral but you can feel a bit of resistance as if it were in gear.

  • Clean or replace plug if haven't recently done, clean carby & air filter & check oil is on level coz slightly lower on oil makes a huge difference when gear changing I've noticed on my Rebel 250.. hope that helps !!

  • You've checked your sprockets, right?

    If its slipping while in gear when you give it gas it HAS to be the clutch; its the only part of the drivetrain that can possibly "slip."

    That is as long as you still have teeth on both sprockets.

  • Clutch of gears are stripped

  • Sounds like clutch. ^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • Sprockets are fine. I guess you are right. It seems like it catches a little bit when in first gear but feels like it's in neutral. It's maybe not the same as slipping because it isn't truly neutral. It's got resistance to rolling when the clutch isn't pulled in and the drive chain is working in first gear to move the bike just not as much as normal. Thanks for the help!

  • Thanks y'all