Think I ll be going back to the dealership


Think I'll be going back to the dealership...

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  • Yeh I went to back to Honda to get it checked out and they said it was because I was doing sort journeys and not letting the oil get hot enough to burn, they just said give it a good 1 hour drive

  • Why do people do this ? ... if you dont know anything why pull the dipstick ?

  • ... same thing in the car "world", people take their oil caps off and freak out ...

  • To check oil level...

  • lol, why ? ... is your 2014/15 burning oil, already ?

  • Guess I should never have pulled the dipstick on the engines I've rebuilt. Or on my daily bike that I maintain myself.

    I've never seen this before other than in cars with a blown head gasket. Wasn't aware it was a known issue with the grom.

  • My bike was burning oil FYI! Checking oil level is part of basic checks. No need to be a complete douchebag about it

  • I check my oil level every petrol tank, if was causing a loss of oil or it was burning I would know about it in 100 miles not 2000. Basic logic man

  • except its not a problem

  • OMG, Freak out !!!!

  • Kasa are you some sort of cunt? All bikes burn little amounts of oil, it's always good to check for all they know they could have an oil leak. I check my bikes oil every day it's always better to be safe than sorry

  • There's always one in these bike groups that knows everything lol

  • He's one of the guys who tries to fix his bike breaks it more then brings it to a dealership like its broken plz help

  • Never posts a constructive comment, just slates someone for asking for advice. Cunt confirmed

  • My car had sat for 3-4 days a few weeks ago and I found the grom jizz under the cap too. It's been cold here recently so I didn't freak out over it. The ZX9R had a good dose of it months ago but I just wiped it down and rode it.. looked fine the next day.

  • Interesting thought, if you removed the cap or loosened it off to release the heat after the ride, I wonder how much it would build up?

  • why guys is this bcs leaking water in side engine or wat?

  • Happens cause the air is damp and the engine is not getting hot enough, for long enough to burn the moisture from the air it pulls in. Mine is has been much worse during the winter months. Still happens in summer, but not as bad.

  • lol, this is still going ... whos ever bike this is, take the oil cap off your car and look at it, then check all your neighboors cars... might as well check your riding lawnmovers and pushmovers ... anything with a dip stick or an oil cap ... then, really freak out. : D

  • Winner, winner, chicken dinner !

  • The good news, the way to fix this, is the fun part ...