Think my rear sprocket might be oval shaped

Think my rear sprocket might be oval shaped

  • Parrafin, don't use (normal) WD40 as that will deteriorate the rubber o-rings and let crap in quicker

  • I use wd40 chain lube

  • Where talking about cleaning not lubing Charlie, i use stright engine oil for lubing, need to apply it more often but it does not go all gummy amd sticky like chain lube. Worst case is castrol chain wax if i am feeling lazy, i used Wurth dry lube for years but gor fed up of a dry looking chain all the time not knowing if it adequately lubed or not.

  • Ah.. Mine rarely gets cleaned unless I get the Albanians to do it

  • Cleaning is the key for your chain to last as all road grim and stones stick to the lube amd cause damages which is why your suppose to clean before lubing. The msx it real easy to do. Get some parrafin and a plastic tube (like the ones from a chinese take away), pure some parrafin into the tube, removed the chain from the bike using the clip link (saves taking off back wheel) and leave it to soak for and hour, use a paint brush to clean the dirt off the chain, rinse, dry with paper towel and the relube

  • This was in an awful state when i got it

  • Yeah I really need to get better at maintaining the bike ... Problem is I just can't be fucked

  • Well that says it all then LOL

  • I really need to change my attitude but after slugging out work I just don't have the energy lol I'd rather pay someone to do it for me

  • I use new gearbox oil