• Thinking about selling to purchase Fuerza. Any thoughts

    Thinking about selling to purchase Fuerza. Any thoughts???

    • Do what you wanna

    • Do it!! Fuerza is so much more fun to ride!

    • Whatever. You'll do what ya want anyway.

    • I prefer riding my Maddog over my Fuerza, different strokes for different folks. Plan to take a massive hit on what you paid for your Maddog when you sell it.

    • Really? Is the fuerza worth it you think to even sell my maddog? And why do you prefer the maddog more? Yeah thats why im contemplating on selling it..

    • At 5'11" and ~190lbs, I feel a little bit cramped on the Fuerza. I also find that the stock engine and gearbox are both kinda dicey, but that is probably somewhat variable from bike to bike. If there was an inexpensive bolt on BBK that would give it a little more juice, I would be more likely to ride it more and want to keep it, but for now it appears that the only way to add more power is to install a complete engine.

      Any Chinese scooter or small motorcycle is going to need some work to be dependable. I have done all sorts of stuff to my Maddog to make it what I want because I find it comfortable and fun to ride.

      Try to find someone with a Fuerza or a similarly sized bike that will let you try it out. If it feels good and you don't mind investing some time and money to make it your own, it's a decent starting point.

    • Thankd for the insight!