Thinking of buying the 143 kit anyone fitted one have anything bad to say or...

Thinking of buying the 143 kit, anyone fitted one have anything bad to say or anything i should be aware of? Need my bike for commuting to work so anything bigger is out of the question. Just unsure if I need anything else like a power commander, bigger fuel lines, stronger crank etc etc... Not experienced with 4 strokes tbh, only 80s 2 strokes.

  • See my bikes 100% stock except for sprockets and shitty hawk slip on, so not sure if i need anything like the bigger lines, injector, pipe or if its just advised...

  • You'll be perfectly safe... That's even better for your case. No bigger fuel line necessary.

  • I feel like a twat asking questions that have probably been asked a thousand times lol Just really cant afford to mess up, so with an essentially stock set up, all but sprockets and end can, i'll be fine with it being plug and play?

  • I would suggest the kit without the cam... I went with a DCR stock bore cam down the line and it's been great, but it's also the less aggressive lift and duration on the market

  • The 143 will be fine. Plug and play. More torque, quicker acceleration.... More fun to ride.

    I change the oil every 500/600 miles more as a preventive measure than anything due to riding it hard

  • No worries! And yep, it'll be plug and play and go have fun!

  • Shoot me a PM if you have more questions.. More than happy to help

  • Sound :) Thanks peeps, sorry for the newby questions but i really am needing to know im not making a bad choice as its my life line to get to work and back, I don't take A roads so seems like it wont be a bad purchase.. Not heard anything bad about them yet which actually makes me worry about what could go wrong lol Anxiety is a bitch :P Thanks Andrew and Charlie, will drop ben a message in a few days when i know i have the money.

  • Actually been tempted to get a Honda c90 as a second daily hack just incase something goes wrong, but thas even more out lay i could do with avoiding which is why im thinking 143cc takegawa

  • I think you'll be very happy! I know I was... Much more than I expected would come of it. Honestly how the Grom should've come.

  • If you don't know ask everyone needs help from time to time