Thinking of painting my forks black whats the best and easiest way of going...


Thinking of painting my forks black,whats the best and easiest way of going about this? also thinking of doing the center of my rims to. Ideas and thoughts?

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  • Lowers has a clear coat on them. Just scuff it up and paint.

  • do i have to remove the front wheel?

  • It would make it easier to paint.

  • You don't have to.

  • okay, if i decide to remove the wheel, how do i go about doing so?

  • This is what im using. Used it on my bars

  • Remove the break caliper, Unhook the speedo cable, Loosen the clamp bolt on the bottom of right fork (2 nuts). Then remove the axle (17mm if I remember right.)

  • okay, i'l try it with the wheel on lol have the fender unhooked rightnow so im going to see if i can get my sponge brush in there. not sure if im going to paint the wheel though, because if i do it to the front ill want to do it to the rear and it has alot of smaller spaces

  • It'd be much easier with everything removed, even removing the tires from the rim.

  • I've found out the hard way. Short cuts are bad. You will end up spending more time than if u just take off

    The wheel.